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American Soul
Mandolin Orchestra
State of the Nation
All Hallow's Eve
Wooden Goblet
Night Driving
Hexagon Zombies
Aboard the
Curse of the Fish
Home by October
Silk Road
Listen to:
Newry Town
Turpin Hero
If I Was a Blackbird
The White Cockade
Davy Lowston
Roving Gambler
Creeping Jane
Green Willow Tree
Down in the Valley
Two Sisters
The Standing Toast
Pleasant and
Horkstow Grange
East from Ohio
Listen to:
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Catfeather Art & Music
Love's Labor  with Donna Glover
Waiting For Me
First of November
The Road to Honor
Sin Killer
Letter From New York
New World Anthem
Too Young
New England
Gail Francis
Turning the Money Green
Three Fisherwives
Scarecrow Sailor
Weather Coming On
Waiting For Me
All Things Are Well
Yes I Do
The Days When We Were Young
In Good Old Colony Days
Old Dan Tucker
Grafted Into the Army
Oh Suzanna
Jesse James
The Days When We Were Young
Poor Old Buck
The Girls At Home
Oh Jemmy Bucan
Battle Cry of Freedom
Turpin Hero
Hurrah For Fremont
Duncan and Brady
Grandfather's Clock
We'll Give 'em Jesse
Hard Times Come Again No More
photo: Sarah Spencer
Sea Songs and Chanteys
A Hundred Years Ago
Mighty Storm
Get Up Jack, John Sit Down
Glendy Burk
Clear Away the Track (a capella)
New York Girls
Roll The Woodpile Down
The Standing Toast
A Trip to the Grand Banks
The Derby Ram
Clear Away the Track (instrumental)
Heidi Marie
Who Built the Ark?
Maid of the Seas
Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy
Download selections from this recording here.