Music by
Jos. Morneault, Dawn Indermuehle & Ric. Spencer

Finely orchestrated twists and turns with no loose ends   ~   good for the long haul
Joseph and Rick have been working together, on and off, for years.  
Their shared love of history and traditional music brings them together
regularly as members of the
Jovial Crew with legendary singer Cliff
as well as showman and entertainer Tim Marth.  The Jovial
Crew holds court at the Griswold Inn on Main Street in Essex on
Monday evenings. Recently
Dawn Indermuehle has joined to add
harmonies to the mix.
On deepwater sailing vessels in the 19th century sailors used the expression "different ships,
different long splices,
" meaning that there's more than one single correct way of interweaving two
ropes to form a single line.  

Rick, Joseph and Dawn weave traditions of the past with contemporary arrangements to form a
musical "long splice" influenced by songs and tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany,
Canada and the U.S.  Their presentations feature carefully crafted a capella harmonies, dance
tunes, sea chanteys, drinking songs, an occasional modern composition and accompaniment on a
variety of instruments.
Click here to see a video capture of a performance by Joseph and Rick  The piece is a
medley of a traditional Breton
An Dro (dance) and the popular Staten Island Hornpipe.
Calendar Listings:   Where can you hear LongSplice?

The Jovial Crew (Cliff Haslam, Joseph Morneault, Tim Marth and Rick Spencer) present Sea Chanteys, Irish songs, drinking
songs and nonsense.  The Gris is at 36 Main Street in Essex, CT.  The music starts at 8:00 pm. The fun starts as soon as you
arrive.  Check out the Griswold Inn at
www.griswoldinn.com.  Please note that during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis the Jovial
Crew will no be at the Griswold Inn.  We'll let you know if and when we'll be returning to "Monday night at the Gris".

Check back occasionally for updates.
For booking information please contact rick@catfeather.com or Joseph at JosMorn@aol.com.
We're very pleased to announce our newest program!

The Grain, the Grape and the Hop: Drinking Songs Old and Recent  
is a selection of entertaining songs about our favorite fermented
beverages. This is a great evening's diversion for public or private

A few jiggers of interesting historical information is part of the cocktail.
photo by Gene Cartagena. Courtesy of the Griswold Inn
We've presented for pubs, libraries,
historical societies, museums, civic
and private organizations and in places
where fine fermented beverages are

This program is ideal for fund-raising
events, exhibit openings, family
reunions and holiday gatherings.

Drinking songs from Ireland, England,
Wales, Canada and the USA are all
included.  Singing along is always
More About LongSplice:
To book The Grain, the Grape and the Hop please email
Rick Spencer:
Jos. Morneault: josmorn@aol.com

The Grain, the Grape and the Hop is on facebook here.