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Rick Spencer and Dawn Indermuehle


We proudly announce the release of our new CD “The Anchor, Plow and Ballot.”
14 Sea
Songs, 7 songs of Farm and Rural Life and 2 songs from the American Woman Suffrage Movement. Order or download selections from this album here.

Rick Spencer and Dawn Indermuehle

are recognized internationally for their work as developers and presenters of theme-based historic music programs in the American folk and popular music traditions.  Their presentations are well-researched, informative and highly entertaining.  

I think you have developed an outstanding format. Your presentations interweave history, musical knowledge, and fine performances that expand and amplify the cultural side of history and help our understanding of the events.

~ Robert Stewart, 
   Suffield CT Historical Society

Photo by Sarah Spencer

An understanding of history can be gained in a variety of ways. The perspective of the academic historian, journalist, politician or author can be found in the printed resources of the past or in present day scholarly works. But if we want to know what the average, everyday people felt or thought about the cultural, economic or social events we think of as “history,” I feel that the most engaging, fascinating and insightful resources are the folk songs, popular songs and stories that have been left to us from the past.

~ Rick Spencer

Video samples of Rick’s work are here.